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The "Report of Health Care" journal has the scientific degree of Commission of Medical Sciences Magazines, and license-owned by Islamic Azad University of Marvdasht with the reference number of 1456/704 dated February 13, 2018.
Hereby we have the honor to invite the researchers to send their scientific articles in the field of Basic Science, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Microbiology, Ethnic, Sport Physiology, Psychology, and Biology.

Peer review process: All manuscripts are considered to be confidential. They are peer reviewed by at least 2 anonymous reviewers selected by the Editorial Board or assigned to external reviewers. The corresponding author is notified as soon as possible of the editor decision to accept, reject, or require modifications.

Pay charges: Report of Health Care Journal is an open-access journal. There are no charges for publication and submission in this Journal.

Open access agreement: Upon submitting an article, authors are asked to indicate their agreement to abide by an open access Creative Commons license (CC-BY). Under the terms of this license, authors retain ownership of the copyright of their articles. However, the license permits any user to download, print out, extract, reuse, archive, and distribute the article, so long as appropriate credit is given to the authors and the source of the work.